Friday, 18 May 2012

7 Killer Website Features Your Construction Company is Missing

Investing in a house is one of the biggest  decisions most people will ever make. Unlike a simple online purchase of books, potential homeowners demand more requirements and detailed information before even setting an appointment with a construction company. The newest generation of consumers are highly internet savvy. They perform a big chunk of their research online. More and more construction companies are becoming aware of the importance of a website to accommodate their prospects doing online search. But a lot of companies are still hiding in the comfort of their online directory memberships. While directories provide basic information, it’s still a far cry from what  a highly customized and professional website can offer. Resorting only to directories and micro-sites is a lukewarm approach to attracting new clients because it rarely gives you the flexibility to offer more than the necessary basic information and few selected images. There is no edge over the competition if you have the same format and level of specifications. To truly separate your company from the rest, a more interactive and involved support is needed.

Below is a collection of website features and applications that your construction company can incorporate in your website for a richer and more memorable potential customer experience.