Friday, 8 July 2011

4 Tips For Effective Contact Us Page

How to Get More People to Contact You

People like to research first about a product or service before buying. They want helpful information that is accessible and easy to digest. It is important to ensure that your website offers detailed descriptions of whatever it is you are offering.

However, a possible customer might encounter a unique issue that is not yet addressed on your website. Probably, the customer still wants to talk to a real person instead of going through the website. Better yet, the customer is now ready to buy and needs to contact you. 

Whatever the scenario is, a Contact Us page is a must to any website. If you want to get more prospective customers to reach you and generate potential business, ensure that your Contact Us page is accessible and efficient.

Below are some tips on how to make the most out of your Contact Us page.

Include both an e-mail form and complete list of contact details.

Provide your possible customer different ways to contact you. Aside from an email form they can readily fill up, you can offer the following alternative contact details
  • Telephone number - both local and toll free numbers
  • Fax Number
  •  Mobile numbers 
  • Email address 
  • Chat 
  • Physical address
 Include your hours of operation or the best time to contact you. If there are several points of contact, make it clear what department or category your customers are contacting. Also, inform them when to expect your reply, how you will correspond and what they can do for the meantime.

Be ultra specific.

When it comes to your email form, decide the most important information you need from your customers. Eliminate any unnecessary questions that are not helpful or relevant anyway. Requiring more information might overwhelm or annoy the customers causing them to abandon the email form. Stick to the basics first, ask more as the interaction progresses.

Give Reassurance.
  • Let your customers know that you respect their privacy and you will never share or sell their personal details to any third-party organization. 
  • Give confirmation that the message has been submitted and that you will attend to their inquiry immediately. Give estimated time-frame so they will know when to contact you again if they don't hear back.

Make customer convenience a priority
  • Clearly label each field and category. Use simple words and provide guidelines where necessary. If there is a format they need to follow, give an example.
  • As much as possible, make the contact us page advertisement free.
  • Display the contact details prominently. If possible, place contact information on every page.
  • If you have accounts to social networking sites, include the links on your Contact Us page so customers will have multiple touch points for reaching you in the future.

Many would-be customers and ready-buyers will click and use the Contact Us page of your site. Don't make a bad impression, or worse, turn them away because it so hard to reach you. Carefully develop your Contact Us page to improve your accessibility.

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