Friday, 17 June 2011

The "About Us" Page: Why You Should Care

How to Write Your "About Us" Page
We oftentimes spend so much time conceptualizing the design of the homepage or the product gallery that the "About Us" section ends up being an afterthought. We think that users are more interested in viewing product images than reading extremely long and boring company background and history. To a large extent, this is true. However, some users will still want to get to know more about the company before they start engagement. Those people who click on the "About Us" section are the most likely to turn into buying customers because it means they are already interested and are probably looking for more assurances. Also, chances are most users will land on the website through search engine results. If someone googles your product, services or your company, any page is a landing page. These are just few reasons why you should dedicate sufficient time developing the "About Us" page. Other reasons are:
  • It's the best place to introduce your company and talk to customers on a more personal level. It gives the website a human face, not just a technical transaction-based page.
  • Since users tend to be more apprehensive to transact online, it offers an opportunity to showcase your credibility and authenticity providing trust, comfort and assurance to possible customers.
  • In the online world, the possibility that prospective customers are considering your competitors is higher. The "About Us" page helps you communicate your strong points, strengthen your core values and amplifies why you are better than your competitors.

4 Tips for Developing the "About Us" Page

Introduce Yourself Effectively

Tell your customers who you are. Who started the business? What are the roles and goals of your company?What are your company values? Who are the people behind it.?How are you different from others? If you have a good story to tell that your customers can relate to, share it. Past mistakes you made that led you to great discoveries, great opportunities you were given or big people you've worked with are some of the good stories to tell.

Prioritize Your Content

It is important to remember that most users don't read online, they scan information. Do not try to overwhelm users by showing big paragraphs of texts. Group the content into sections and show first what the customer must absolutely see to get to know you or to convince them to work with you. If they want to read your Company History, Mission Vision or Partners, they have the freedom to select sections.

Humanize the Page

Online transaction is technical and impersonal. This is your chance to put a human face to your website. You can include photos of real people, a picture of your location or a map of it. You can also use a more natural and friendly writing voice to give a more personal feel. Avoid using hype or big, vague words that confuse users more rather than enlighten them. Be specific in telling users what you really do and what you offer.

Constantly Update the Page

The "About Us" section should not be a static, unchanging page. To avoid giving your users the impression of a stale website, regularly update the page.  Delete out-dated information or add something new like recently finished projects, awards won, new technology or expertise, new building, etc. Your "About Us" page should never be finished, it should constantly be evolving.

These are just few tips on how to create an effective "About Us" page. The key is to know who your customers are and what kind of information they are looking for or what is the necessary message that will finally convince them to work with you. Then, present this information in a prioritized order. Turn your "About Us" page into an advantage rather than just another page that takes up space.

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