Saturday, 7 May 2011

Windows versus Linux: Which Hosting Server Is Better?

After determining what type of server your website needs, now comes the heavyweight question: What Operating System should you use for a Web Server? Microsoft enthusiasts will advise you that Windows is the best while Linux enthusiasts will endorse the opposite . So how then do you make an informed decision on which one is better?

It is not really a rocket science and you don't really need a Computer Science genius to reach a decision. Sometimes, all you need is YOU, yes YOU as the owner of the website can best decide on what Server Operating system your website needs.

Listed below are tips on how YOU can easily address all your Web Server requirements. As with most things, both Microsoft and Linux Operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. List out the programming languages you (or the developer) are going to use in developing your website.

Both Linux and Windows based web servers support:
  • HTML
  • JAvascript
  • CGI
  • Perl files, and 
  • Popular image types(GIF, PNG, JPEG). 
Remember: Linux hosting is best in supporting PHP/MYSQL based Websites while Windows hosting is best in supporting .NET and ASP. This is the number one factor you need to consider in choosing your Web Server Operating System. 

2. Know your budget.
Microsoft based technologies are proprietary making Windows hosting more expensive. On the other hand, Linux operating system servers are open source making it more affordable in the long run.

3. Who will be your Website Administrator?
The capabilities and scope of knowledge of the person who will maintain the website should also be considered.  Make sure you determine which type your website administrator is familiar with because your website's security is also at stake here. While there is no arguing that both Server Operating Systems have security issues, for the most part the responsibility for ensuring security is still greater at the administration level than it is at the operating system level. You certainly do not want to lose your database or redesign your website from scratch because your Website Administrator is not familiar on how your Web Server works.

4. Consider the technical support that you will require for using your Web server.
Since Windows based Operating system web servers are proprietary and expensive, you can expect a direct to the point and well documented help and fact sheets. Open source technologies like Linux don't really have that type of advantage so you will need to do lots of researching especially if your technical concern is not a common one that a lot of users have already encountered.

For you to effectively reach the right decision in choosing what Operating system your Web Server should run to, it is important to weight both your technical requirements and your budget.You see, it is both an Art and Science.

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