Friday, 27 May 2011

Homepage 101: Create Good First Impression

How to Have a Compelling Homepage

Every section or page of your website is a landing page. This means online users can enter your website from anywhere through links from other websites or search engine queries. Why should you pay special attention in designing the homepage section then? Because  it is the only page that gives an overview of what the whole website contains. Even if users entered the site from the Products and Services section, there is a great chance they will still go to the homepage to get a feel of what other things to expect.  It is no surprise that the homepage mostly gets more page views than the rest of the pages. Knowing this, careful planning should be implemented to maximize the role of the homepage. But what makes up a compelling homepage? What goals or purposes should it fulfill?

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Target Market: Why Bother?

Are You Talking to the Right People?


Who are your customers? As an entrepreneur, it makes sense to try to sell to everyone in order to increase profit. But trying to be everything to everyone might not be beneficial anymore now that consumers are becoming savvier and more aware of the many options they have. Your customers demand special attention and personalized solutions that are made for their specific needs, otherwise your competition is just a click away.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Windows versus Linux: Which Hosting Server Is Better?

After determining what type of server your website needs, now comes the heavyweight question: What Operating System should you use for a Web Server? Microsoft enthusiasts will advise you that Windows is the best while Linux enthusiasts will endorse the opposite . So how then do you make an informed decision on which one is better?

It is not really a rocket science and you don't really need a Computer Science genius to reach a decision. Sometimes, all you need is YOU, yes YOU as the owner of the website can best decide on what Server Operating system your website needs.