Friday, 25 March 2011

Join Microsoft in Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 was released August 27 of 2001,  the default browser released with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It gave Internet users a new experience in viewing online content making Internet Explorer 6 a powerful competitor to existing browsers of that time. However, this version of Internet explorer is still widely criticized for lack of support for modern web standards and the presence of numerous security exploits.

In spite of  the obvious weakness of Internet Explorer 6, it still did not fail to deliver users new experience and provide web programmers, developers and other online innovators opportunities in finding new ways of delivering online content. We cannot disregard the fact that Internet Explorer 6 came bundled with Microsoft Windows XP giving it the leverage of being the first Internet browser of Internet users during the boom of the Word Wide web.
Pinoylancers salutes Microsoft and its developers for releasing Internet explorer 6. A decade had passed and we can say it has been a good run. With Microsoft now spearheading a campaign of moving the world off Internet Explorer 6, let us join them in bidding farewell to one of their Internet browsers that may be regarded by some as one of the "worst tech products of all time" but we cannot deny it, Internet Explorer 6 still did one hell of a good job in delivering your favorite online content.

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